May 2, 2011

Give Some SALACIOUS Support

Not that I need your support to be salacious, though that can work too, I want you to support SALACIOUS. SALACIOUS Magazine is a Queer Feminist Sexuality Mag that one of my best friends, fellow illustrator, Katie Diamond ( has been working on and putting together.

The first issue was a HUGE success and I feel as though it can only get better from here. I have and am a contributer to this magazine, having done last issues cover illustration as well as spot illustrations in the interior, and am fulling support and backing this project as much as I can. 

SALACIOUS Magazine has an ultimate aim to pay themselves, but more importantly all of their contributers and to pay them fairly. At this time SALACIOUS doesn't get paid for their time. And are currently operating at a loss, they are all volunteering their time between other ventures to give you a fresh take on queer feminist sexuality. SALACIOUS is able to be sleek, glossy, and well-curated because they strongly believe in their work, despite the fact that it is not (at least at this moment) financially viable. 

Right now, Katie takes full financial responsibility for all travel, printed materials, magazine printing, stickers, postcards, and web-stuff. I will neither beg, nor implore you. I will simply ask that if you feel compelled to, or have the financial ability to donate to the magazine please do so. 

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