Aug 21, 2011

Process Around the World

Okay, so maybe not completely around the world. More like right next to me in the same studio.

Above is a video by one of my fellow illustrators/designers, Katie Diamond (blog here) who I have now shared a studio with for as long as I can remember.

So many people have said that they like seeing peoples processes, and since I am also one of the those people I figured I would share this video that Katie just made detailing the behind the scenes of one of the pieces she is working on. While she may seem crazy in the video, I assure you she is crazy, as well as talented. The specific illustration she is working on definitely gives her some challenges though, having to be from the 1st person perspective of an action happening. Watch the video and you will understand what I am talking about.

To see more of her work by all means visit her website here:

As a side note, there is another performance of Hedwig happening @PlayhouseOnPark in CT: Be sure to grab a #print from origin of love:

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